How to Survive Every Natural Disaster at Once

How to Survive Every Natural Disaster at Once

Hank Bangert, Writer

Today we will be talking about how to survive every natural disaster at once. I know, I know, we are in Colorado, there are no hurricanes, barely any earthquakes, it’s very unlikely. BUT let’s say 2021 goes very downhill kind of like 2020 but worse. THEN we can start to talk about it.


Let’s also say that each one came at a different time, say… 5 minutes apart. The order is Earthquake first to rumble everything up and make it loose, not a big one, but one where it does damage. Second is the Tornado. This is to pick up the loose pieces from the earthquake and throw them all over the place to cause even MORE damage. Third is the hurricane (yes a hurricane). This is to fill up the cracks (that were made by the tornado throwing away the pieces of rubble that were there because of the earthquake) with water and make it difficult to escape the area. Now that all of those are over I feel like we should wait a minute before we attack again (now we’re just playing god). Let’s say we wait 30 minutes……. Okay we’re back now. Let’s pull out the volcano. I bet everyone is really cold and scared so it would be nice to add in a nice toasty volcano. This volcano is an explosive volcano, it just launches rocks in the air. This is to make the final blow and make sure the whole town/ city it flattened.


Bing, bam, boom, everything should be gone. Now let’s go back about 45 minutes in time so you can prepare. The first thing you should do is pack some warm clothes and a first aid and emergency kit. If you don’t have any of these then that’s not good but you’ll just have to hold on. Don’t pack them in a suitcase, pack them in a large backpack so you can carry them around if you are forced to move. Now it is time to get into place. Whatever you do, don’t go above 1 story in the air for your first place. You will need to know the layout of your house almost perfectly. If you have a basement then you will go there for the first two natural disasters but move up for the third (which is the hurricane). If you do not have a basement then get in a secure room without windows (most likely a bathroom). If you are the second option then you are in luck because you don’t have to move as far when the hurricane hits. This is because you are already above the ground in a secure location.


There you go you survived the first couple of ones I will do a second part.