The Best Type Of Pizza Crust: Thin


Katie Casey, writer

Do you like pizza? I do. I love all of the sauce, and cheese, and toppings… just talking about pizza makes my mouth water. But, there is more to pizza than the toppings. What do the Toppings go on top of? The crust. The pizza crust. I think pizza crust should always, and only be thin. I am going to tell you why.


Pizza crust is just there to hold the toppings. Why are toppings called toppings? Because they are on top of something!! Toppings go on to pf the pizza crust. We have the sauce, the cheese, the pepperoni, the ham, and the pineapple. Of course those are just a few toppings, and of course you can have less than that. But, the whole point of pizza is the toppings! A Hawaii pizza has ham and pineapple. A cheese pizza has cheese. And a meat pizza has all sorts of meat toppings. What about the crust? The crust is just to hold the pizza toppings. And plus, if you look at a pizza menu, the crust doesn’t contribute to the flavor and toppings of the pizza. Leave the changing of flavor to the toppings!


Pizza crust can take away from the toppings. If you have a Chicago style pizza, (thick crust) then in a bight, all you can taste is bread. After a little bit, you will find you self saying, “May I have a little butter with this mountain of bread?” That just sounds WRONG at a pizza place! Also, the toppings should be the star of the show. When you take that bite of pizza, and you taste all of the toppings working together, it is so good. But, when you get a thick crust pizza, all you taste is dry bread with a hint of pizza. Gross!


What do you do when you get to the edge of the pizza crust, when there is no sauce? Well, if a pizza crust is too thick, it isn’t appealing. All you see is bread. If I go to a pizza place, I am probably going for their pizza!! Not their bread. And plus, the tip of the pizza crust is very dry.You might just find yourself throwing out the crust! How sad is that. But, the thin pizza crust is crispy, and more manageable. It looks more appealing, and you feel like it will be less wasteful if you toss it. But, if you eat pizza crust with honey, it is awesome. Not joking, try it.


I love pizza, and I’m sure you do too. Everyone can have their own opinions, and this is mine. You have seen what I think about thin and thick pizza crust, but, at the end of the day, pizza is pizza. Pizza is delicious. So, what do you think? Thin or thick pizza?