The Win



Sophia Zafra, Writer

    I sprinted across the track, my blonde hair that was pulled up in a bun, untied, and swished against my face. One of my competitors ran in front of me, almost making me stumble. I caught my balance and ran even faster, taking the lead. There were two miles left of the race. I glanced towards the side, my friend Kacey was jogging next to me. Running was as easy to her as it was for me.


    ¨Hi, Molly! Just wanted to say good luck!¨ Kacey said, dashing ahead.


     ¨Wait up!¨ I said, laughing. I looked around and saw leaves blowing in the wind. Colors of red, brown, yellow, and green were all around. Finally, I looked ahead of me, the finish line was up ahead. I ran but felt my foot catch on a rock and myself falling forward. My hair was in my face and I felt as if I was falling into a long hole. When I finally landed, I saw my predictions were true, the hole was very high. Everyone except Kacey was far behind, so I sat down, knowing that no one was going to get me out of here so soon. I heard a shriek, and then a skittish stop. Someone ran up to the hole that I was in and peered in. I saw someone with blue eyes and red hair, then I realized: It was Kacey!


    “Kacey, it’s me! Get me out of here!” I said trying to get up. I stood up on one leg and then on my ankle. As soon as I put pressure on my ankle, I winced and then fell back, feeling the sharp pain.


    “Molly, how did you get in there? Don’t get up. I’m going to go get help! Wait here!” 


    “Where else am I supposed to go?” I mumbled. What a long day this would be! I sat there, drawing in the dirt with a stick. Kacey is going to get help, I’ll get out of here soon. I thought. No one came back for more than half an hour, leaving me wondering what time it was. I kept waiting but then decided to take a look at my ankle. It was purple and blue and was getting pretty swollen, which worried me. How long would I be stuck in this whole? Suddenly, cars on the street next to the city park where the track was, were moving aside, and I heard a whaling siren. An ambulance drove right into the grass and so did another car. Paramedics got out and lifted me up. 


    In a few hours, I was safely back at home with a cast, of course, Kacey and my family helping me get around. Even though I didn’t win the race, I actually did, because of my loving family and friends.