Spiderman is swing its way to success

Spiderman is swing its way to success

Caden Prescott, writer

Spider-Man for the PlayStation 5 is more proof that Sony’s console is the system to beat, if for no other reason than the sheer quantity of amazing, exclusive titles you can’t play anywhere else.Spiderman games have already become a critical and financial success, wowing critics and gamers alike with its new surprisingly fresh take on Kratos’s story and gameplay.


Web-swinging through the city (which entails swinging, dashing forward, doing cool tricks in the air, running up and along walls and zipping to perches) is glorious. There’s nothing quite like it.There’s not much to say about the game’s graphics other than they’re lovely. Animations, in particular, are incredibly good and tight, making movement and combat both visually pleasing and satisfying to play. The city is beautiful. There’s a day and night cycle of sorts so you get to play in Manhattan in light and dark, sunshine and rain.


The worst part about this game is the forced stealth missions where you play as MJ or Miles Morales. These missions are scattered throughout the main story and they are awful. They could have, and should have, simply been cut-scenes, Instead, we’re forced to creep through various encampments or buildings, silently avoiding guards, and if we’re caught we have to start over at the last checkpoint


There are a variety of mini-games in Spider-Man. Mostly these are simplistic puzzles that require you to change tech by adding pieces to a board and getting a line of energy to pass through the circuit with correct voltage. It’s fine, I guess, a couple of times. After the tenth or twentieth time it’s just boring and annoying to play with.


This being took into consideration i think that this game is good for any age and you can still have a blast playing it but i would say some parts aren’t that fun and repetitive so overall i give this game a 3 / 5 star rating.