The future of console gaming is here Ps5

Caden Prescott, writer

There are problems with the number of first-party games at launch four and that’s nothing compared to the Playstation 4  and it would have been nice to see further support for previous generations of PlayStation titles not just PS4 games  but the PlayStation 5 feels like it will rize and the PS5 experience will improve with age. 

You might be tempted to run out and buy a 4K/120Hz TV with HDMI 2.1 to take full advantage of the console’s peak capabilities, but even without one you’ll enjoy unbelievably fast load times and a gorgeous new UI and graphics causing it to feel like the movies. 

The PS5 is mainly for  PS4/xbox 1 owners looking to explore into the future of gaming.  It’s  a console that so seamlessly bridges the gap between the last generation and the next that you probably won’t need to boot up your PS4 ever again. 

From big upgrades like the super-fast NVMe SSD and powerful GPU that enable higher frame rates and ray tracing, to subtle touches like the built-in microphone on the controller that can serve as a quick stand-in for a headset, the PS5 feels like it was built for ease of use as well as pure power.

The PS5 Digital Edition is coming out and might feel differently, but if you’re still on the fence about buying the PS5, we can wholeheartedly recommend the console as a welcome upgrade over the PS4, and an exciting portal to next-gen gameplay. 

In terms of the PS5 price, you’re looking at $499.99 / £449.99 / AU$749.95 for the standard version of the console with a 4K Blu-ray disc drive. However, if that’s more than you want to spend, there’s also the PS5 Digital Edition, which doesn’t have a disc drive. It costs $399.99 / £359.99 / AU$599.95, which is a saving of $100 / £90 / AU$150 over the standard model.


All taking into account I think that the ps5 is worth your money and that it will be a great investment if you can get your hands on one 5/5 and I would recommend it to anyone.