Bradley Beal and His Poor Situation with the Wizards


Felix Hillhouse, Writer

Bradley Beal, as of February fifth 2021, is stuck in a tough situation in Washington with the Wizards. While Beal has quickly blossomed into a star the rest of the Wizards team has not improved with him. Probably even his team has retrogressed to become worse. His team is nowhere near close to where it used to be in 2017 with John Wall and a sea of role players. Then, they could at least make it to the playoffs, now though, they have only won five of their last 18 and look to get another early pick in next year’s draft. What led up to this? How could a team that made the playoffs three years ago and now has had their young developing prospect become a superstar fall off so horribly. Most point fingers to Russell Westbrook and his poor shooting this year but some of that is probably bias. The whole NBA community has had fun making fun of Westbrook and blame him for all his team’s problems as he has a very ball dominant playstyle that has not led to much team success in recent history. The Wizards problems do not stem from him. The Wizards have not been supporting Beal that much. A staggering statistic is when Beal scores over 40, the Wizards have only won at a 25% rate. Even when Beal carries the team, his team still manages to lose. Beal needs out so he can actually get a good supporting cast as the Wizards aren’t getting the correct people to help him.

Beal’s loyalty might hold him back though. We all know Beal is one of the most loyal players on his team. He would never even think about leaving the Wizards. That might be his downfall though. He will never go to a contender and his talents will be wasted on the Wizards. He will just be another star that never got to win because of the franchise he is on. Beal, for his best chance at success, should go to the Nuggets. The Wizards won’t trade him though unless he asks. No one else will do it for him so Beal, although he will have to leave the team he has been so loyal to, will have to suck it up and ask for a trade out from the Wizards. Also, he wouldn’t leave without giving the Wizards anything in return as he will be of high price the trade for as he is a stellar scorer who can take the role of a second option well and fit seamlessly in as an off ball player. Every team wants that kind of player. He will  have high interest so the Wizards will be asking for, and will probably get, a high price. 

Now why should he go to the Nuggets? Why are the Nuggets a good fit for Beal? The Nuggets are already able to compete without Beal and a real, incredible scorer the addition of Beal would make the Nuggets serious contenders. Not only that but he would fit in the offense well. Jokic can find Beal open for threes for the catch and shoot part of his game and Beal would be a primary scorer so he would still be able to get his scoring opportunities with the ball. He has no one to take the ball from him and his supporting cast is incredible unlike the Wizards. Also, the Nuggets team is young, so they have assets to give up for Beal. The Nuggets and Nuggets fans may have to bid farewell to some of their favorite players though. Like I said before Beal has a high price. They would probably have to give up someone like MPJ and some other  players on their team like Gary Harris. Hopefully Beal finally realizes his future with the Wizards is bleak, he has to suck it up and try to get out of there.