Animes Coming out in 2021


Nesha Adler-Eldridge, writer

Originating in Japan, Anime has become a huge hit all over the globe. If you don’t know already, Animes are Japanese animations that originated in the year 1917. Anime genres tend to vary from action, horror and sci-fi to comedy, drama and romance. Many anime artists are currently working hard  to please their viewers with new and unique shows/movies. Here are just some of the many anime series coming out this year, varying on release date.


  1. Sk8 the Infinity

Sk8 the Infinity is a sports, adventure fiction series, created by the studio Bones and will run for 12 episodes. Three episodes were released on January 9th as the show is an ongoing series. Like many other animes, it will be released on Funimation and later on other platforms. S8TI is about a highschool sophomore and skater who introduces a new transfer student to the world of skateboarding. The studio Bones is known for its famous film Banana Fish-known for being extremely sad. Until the series is completely released, we’ll be the judge to see how sad this one is.


  1. Horimiya

Horimiya is a romantic comedy series created by the studio Clover works and will consist of 13 episodes. Four of its episodes were released on January 9th and more will be coming out onto Hulu and Funimation. Horimiya is about two high school students who have parallel personalities to each other. The two have an accidental encounter outside of their school and where their fated fling begins.


  1. Attack on Titan: the Final Season (season 4)

If you haven’t heard of it, Attack on Titan is an apocalyptic-action fiction as well as a dark fantasy anime. The past three seasons of AOT have gained a large amount of attention and a wide-spread fanbase. The new season will be created by the studio MAPPA and consist of sixteen episodes, ending the entire series. So far, 9 episodes have been released and the continuing episodes will come out every Sunday. With the past three seasons on them, Hulu and Crunchyroll will have the new season. Without much context from the first three seasons, you could say that this season is the ultimate and final battle that determines the fate of fan-favorite characters after a timelapse of events. Before watching make sure to watch the first three seasons. 


  1. Platinum End

Platinum End will be a dark fantasy thriller series created by the studio Signal.MD. The anime will be coming out in Fall of 2021 but the rest of the information on it is not yet confirmed. However, the studio Signal.MD is well known for its iconic film Death Note which is leaving fans with high hopes for their new film. Platinum End is about a graduate of Junior High who “receives salvation” from what is seen as an angel. One thing leads to the next and he finds himself set against twelve other humans in a fight where the winner becomes the next god of the world. This theme is seen in Death Note where the protagonist is truly the antagonist, again giving fans more ideas about what this film will have to offer!


These options are just a few out of many animes that will be airing this year so keep your eyes open. Even if you don’t typically watch anime, it’s always interesting to try out new things, considering the many genres to choose from-there’s something for everyone!