Israel’s Masterful Vaccine Rollout


Rowen Vincent, Writer

The coronavirus vaccine rollout has been slow and frustrating to say the least, but in Israel, nearly 60% of the 16 and up crowd has been vaccinated with at least on dose. 

So how did they do it? For starters, all Israeli citizens have access to well-funded healthcare through the state-mandated, community-based healthcare system. Every Israeli citizen, by law, must register with one of the country’s four main HMOs, (Health Maintenance Organizations). This helps the Health Ministry and hospitals gain information on the age and medical status of the populace. Israel’s low population (of only about 9.45 million compared to the US’s 331 million), also makes the health care system efficient and less crowded, making the vaccine distribution among the fastest in the world. 

So they have the good health care system and the low population, but do the have the number of vaccines requires to vaccinate a whole nation? Other countries around the world, such as the United States, have a massive vaccine shortage, so an above-average health care system would not matter. Israeli Health Minister, Yuli Edelstein, says Israel entered negotiations with drug makers as an “early bird”. They were among the first to buy vaccines, and companies favored Israel due to its health care system’s reputation for being fast and gathering reliable data. Health care is heavily digitized, and with about 64% of its population being 15-50 years old, the people know how to use it. 

Israel made the vaccine rollout fast and easy, having the United States and the world hoping they can do the same.