What is new about the NBA


Tiernan Duffy, Writer

This season of the NBA is very different compared to last season’s like how many games there are going to be or if the All Star Game is even going to happen and some different things then past seasons.


One big change is that there is not that much games as there were before because of COVID – 19. Past seasons have had exactly 82 games in the season not including the playoffs (Except last year where they had two extra games for the 9th and 8th place to see who would go to the playoffs.) and this year there is only 72 games and some people might think that it is not a big problem but if you are in 9th or 10th place it might be a really big deal. There are two Conference’s the East and the West and there are only 16 teams allowed into the Playoffs 8 teams on each Conference and there is only 32 teams in the league so¬† teams will be cut. So there is a big deal if you were in 9th and very close to 8th place.

Another change about this year is that women are coming up more in the NBA because there are more Women referees. For the first time ever last year when a head coach was ejected out of the game the first women NBA head coach stepped in and her name is Becky Hammon who still sadly lost the game. It was the first time ever a women was the Head Coach. Also the NBA was very open about fighting racism – many players stood up to fight against racial profiling and joined in many protests.

One thing that many NBA fans were wondering about is if the NBA All Star game is going to happen and the NBA is thinking about still having a All Star Game. Fans might think about it in two ways like they are happy that it will still happen or like the All Stars who do not like the decision. The All Stars do not like this because they think that they should remain spread out and not be in big public places that they might get sick or something bad will happen to them or other people.

This season they are going to be a lot of reactions about what is going on and there is some new and different things going on and that is some new things.