2021’s Latest Car Reviews – The Mercedes Benz Vision EQS

The Futuristic, More Comfortable Mercedes Benz S-Class

Will Zhang, Staff Writer

The 2022 Mercedes Benz EQS is an electric sedan similar to the S Class but simply more- electrifying, being electric, having a huge, wide, glowing grille, blue outlines/trimmings, and some other details that stands out among the crowd.

The EQS has 3 colors on it’s sleek body- Silver, A glossy black, and copper. The copper color makes up the lip on the front and around the side. The top half of the car is silver and and black, and along with the glaring features of the electrifying look, it looks good even with such a strange color pallet. The details seem to blend together in an odd but good looking way. It would be the most fancy and elegant car on the streets, should it be released. The EQS is an electric car, with a Dual electric motor generating an output of 469 hp and 560 lb-ft of torque. It’s able to go from 0–60 mph in under 4.5 seconds, which is crazy for a car in it’s price range. The top speed is greater than 124 mph, which is impressive for an electric car, as the technology needs to be improved on significantly. The estimated range is an excellent 435 miles, with a 100 kWh battery that recharges to 80% in 20 minutes due to the high-power DC Fast Charging. Therefore, the car is not lacking performance wise, being extremely quick.

The Interior of the EQS is a sleek, elegant and modernized mini utopia of cleanliness, leather, and modern styled interiors. Inside, there is absolutely no clutter, and the seats are arranged neatly. The steering wheel is fitted into a narrow and sleek console with narrow copper colored air conditioning vents that make the car feel roomier and even more elegant. The huge panel displaying everything dubbed the ‘Hyperscreen’ shows an incredible amount of information in a form that is super clean, with different functions divided into different segments. The EQS has ambient lighting inside, with a center piece going in between the drivers seat and the front passengers seat, stretching all the way to the back. The look and feel is absurdly modern, with a blinding shade of white and huge windows on virtually all sides. The car has an extremely well rounded AI system capable of performing multiple tasks based on past actions. If a driver likes the heated seats and steering wheel, the AI may suggest the driver to use it again. If the driver raises the suspension, the AI can record where that happened and recommend the driver to raise the suspension again at the same spot. If the Passenger likes a specific massage, the AI will as you probably know by now, recommend being massaged in the same style again to the passenger. All of the actions are not just incredible because they are things unheard of in normal cars, but are also accompanied with sophisticated AI systems.

In conclusion, the car is comparable to the Tesla Model S, with both boasting out of the futuristic style of technology. However, they both have their strengths and weaknesses though. The Tesla Model S ‘Plaid+’ is absurdly fast, with a gargantuan 1020 horsepower and a 0-60 that shames the fastest of cars, besides looking so humble. The EQS is all about comfort, with a claimed 435 mile range, which is better than most cars as of right now. It is extremely comfortable and fancy on the inside and out, with an electrifying design. However, the Tesla Model S has the capability to DRIVE ITSELF and to let the driver and passengers play VIDEO GAMES while the CAR DOES EVERYTHING FOR THEM. Truly out of this world. However, all of this revolutionary technology comes at a price, costing 135k for every Model S ‘Plaid+’. Despite the EQS having an incredibly smart AI, being fancy and modern on both the inside and outside, and boasting a very comfortable and roomy interior, it cannot drive itself or let you play video games inside. However, the EQS costs only 67k, which is quite surprising for a car of that magnitude. So, the EQS is a comfortable, futuristic car in terms of design and AI for anybody who wants a fancy, flashy, ultra-modern, comfortable and technologically advanced car.