The Weekend Turning Into The Weekday

Ryleah Ponds, Writer

Recently on The Weekend’s an music artist instagram he posted a picture with his face revealed after months of his face covered up even at the Grammy’s Award Show, after that post a minute  later everyone started to post and talk about The Weekend’s new look.some of the feedback or mostly all of the feedback were roasting his new look, for example one of the comments said,” That’s not the weekend that’s the weekday.” For another example “It looks like Kanye and Jeffre Star had a baby.” A lot of people  over 20,000 after 2-3 mins went after that picture, some people even took it to TikTok and started to post about it. Some people were crying and bring flashbacks about his old looks in 2014 and 2017.


    Some people went into his DM’s and ask him why he did this and how much money he needs so he can get his face back, playing with him and just really roasting him.


   We still have no feedback from The Weekend from his last post but what we do know is that people were arguing about if his face was fake and it was just for a music video or if it was real, he still has not talked about it but I’ll keep an update about it. It’s like he just ignored it and just went on about his day.