NFL to Invite 7,500 Vaccinated Healthcare Workers Among 22,000 Masked Fans

Atticus Boian, Writer

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he will personally invite 7,500 healthcare workers to Super Bowl LV this month. Amongst the 22,000 fans attending Super Bowl LV this week, 7,500 will be personally invited to the game for their courageous acts during the global pandemic.


Goodell said he wanted to repay those healthcare workers who put their lives on the line for the greater good of America. “I want to personally invite each member of your team … to be our guest at the Super Bowl,” Goodell told the ecstatic workers, some with tears in their eyes. Goodell says that paying gratitude to these workers and continuing to thank them for their work is important to the NFL and its staff.


Goodell’s statement added that the NFL gave and reviewed feedback and decided that it would be safe to host fans and vaccinated healthcare workers.


Finally, Goodell had a final statement on his beliefs about the healthcare workers and their contribution to America. “These dedicated health care workers continue to put their own lives at risk to serve others, and we owe them our ongoing gratitude, we hope in a small way that this initiative will inspire our country and recognize these true American heroes. This is also an opportunity to promote the importance of vaccination and appropriate health practices, including wearing masks in public settings,” Goodell said.


During the Super Bowl, fans and healthcare workers safely enjoyed the football and all the entertainment there was to offer.