It’s Finally here! Apex legends season 8

It's Finally here! Apex legends season 8

Chase Russell, Writer

Apex legends has created a good environment for gamers like you to have fun and play competitively. Now, a new season is coming out, Season 8 brings brand new features such as a new lifeline skin, new Bangalore skin, and a Longbow skin called dmrx-1. The most exciting is the new legend Fuse. His passive ability allows him to throw types of grenades at people and his other ability allows him to shoot out a ring of fire onto his enemies. The new weapon called the 30-30 repeater is some kind of charging weapon that is good for mid-range and far range. It does around 57 body shots and 100 headshots.


In season 8, Raith might get a hitbox nerf but it’s not confirmed. Octane is getting a buff where when you jump the octane jump pad and right when you touch it you jump to get a higher boost.

Gold magazines are now a thing now and are really similar to purple mags but when you switch your gun it instantly reloads itself. Kings Canyon has been destroyed and has a new color scheme with some bright blue and new areas