A Different Kind of Rescue Mission


Sophia Swanson, Writer


Each year over eight hundred fifty million pounds of produce doesn’t make it to the grocery store shelves. Furthermore, billions of pounds of food are wasted each year just in the US alone! These are shocking numbers and yet millions of children and adults go hungry in the US every day. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there are even more children and adults that are hungry. Along with emergency and front line health workers, there are people working night and day to try to feed the hungry. This article is in honor of them.


One of these heroes is Anne Swanson (my aunt) who works for Feeding America. Her job is to work with farmers to rescue the produce that doesn’t make it to the stores. In an interview, she provided some interesting information about how food makes it to the children and adults in need. For every pound, a farmer donates to Feeding America they get a tax cut because the item couldn’t go into a store to sell. For example, all the apples that were ranked #2 on code could be donated to a food bank and the farmers would still make money off of them. The process is farm to a food bank to a pantry like a school or a church finally it goes to the person that needs it.


Feeding America is a corporation that runs through networks. Approximately 200 food banks around the US work with Feeding America including Food Bank of the Rockies. Food Bank of the Rockies has gotten over 30,000,000 pounds of produce in the last year from farmers all over the US. Feeding America provides a surplus of food for anyone in need and they are a non-profit organization.


In conclusion, Feeding America and other organizations can help stop hunger to lead us to a brighter happier future. That future is where no one goes hungry and everyone has a home!