Like Me Pt. 3

Like Me Pt. 3

Ethan Murch and Mason Motes, Creative Writing



The following morning she was dreading going to bed and refused to go to school,  but her mom insisted that she go. Later that day in math class Birdie felt tired given her sleep over the past couple of nights. And slowly, her mind seemed to give up and Birdie drifted off to sleep.


She was walking vaguely down a dark hallway. She saw an oak door with a brass knocker at the end. She started going faster. And faster. And faster. Until she was running like there was a flesh-eating monster behind her. That thought struck her like lightning. She turned around and saw a doll. It was Avery.


She started running toward the door with haste. Harder and harder she went. It was right in front of her! She could feel her feet touching the splintering firm floor; Tap!   Tap!   Tap! Her hand reached out and grasped the handle. She swung the door ajar and she looked around the dark room. But she didn’t have time. She slammed the door and looked for a lock. She felt it and snapped it shut. She turned on the light. 

There, sitting in front of her, were at least 100 dolls, each different colors, and sizes. She tried to scream, but nothing came out. The lights went out. She managed a scream, but it sounded more like a muffled screech. She turned around to face the door. Could she risk going back into the hallway with Avery? She asked herself. Before she could come up with an answer, the lights flickered back on. She looked around. Nothing. Then the scene swirled like a whirlpool and with blur she was back in math class, in which case everyone seemed to be looking at her. Oh no. she thought…