Why Teams Are Important for Teens


Margaret Martin, Writer

Playing on and being a part of a team are special and important ways for children and teens to develop healthy habits. Being on a team is very helpful for teens because it improves teens motivation by creating healthy competition and making teens strive to do better especially in the case of sports. Being on a team also creates a positive productive environment where work and jobs get done as well as helping with team building and supporting a healthy community. Being on a team with others as a teen or young adult also helps build important skills for later in life suchs as teaching statigic planning and teamwork. By practicing plans and listening to each other to succeed teenagers can learn how to be a part of a community and do their part as will be expected of them in a work environment.

Being on a team can also be good for middle school students on a more personal level allowing them to interact with other students who share interests and form healthy and important relationships with others. Being on a team and doing well can help teenagers develop good self confidence and a sense of self worth as well, as teams are a good way to discover important skills and passions.