The Sound From My Basement 

The Sound From My Basement 

Katherine Essien, Writer



There it was again the sound, it was coming from my basement but my family was on vacation and I was home alone. I decided to cautiously go to the basement to see what the sound was. When i went downstairs it was dark and creepy as usual. It had barely painted walls, and had 2 rooms, the bathroom and the downstairs living room. But this time the living rooms floor had scratch marks and carpet pulled up with pee. 


“Hello, Who is down here?” i said 


I got no response, only a low pitch growl that scared me so I went closer to the stairs and turned on the light…. And there it was a skinny golden retriever puppy. I approached the puppy but he didnt do anything. I reached my hand out to them and they licked it. I picked it up and it was a girl. I brought her to my room and called my parents. They told me to take her to the vet and keep her with me until they got back. She was fine and besides being underweights she was healthy, so we kept her and named her LuLu.