Different Toppings On Pizza


Mia Staubli, Writer

A lot of people like toppings on pizza, even if not everyone has the same things they like on their pizza. There are many different things people like on pizza, some can be gross in your opinion while others could sound really good, but they might be different based on other’s opinions. There are some things that you would never think people eat on pizza but it happens. 

There are some topping for pizza that are super popular and others not so much that you might never have heard of. Some of the most popular toppings include pepperoni, extra cheese, sausage, onion, mushroom, bacon, and pineapple. But some of the weirdest pizza toppings include baked beans, peas, cold fish, mac and cheese, crab, mashed potatoes, crocodile, smoked reindeer, and squid ink. Some of those things are very unusual on pizza and some are very unusual just to eat on their own. Would you eat some of the weirdest pizza toppings? 

Some toppings on pizza might seem weird, odd, or strange but maybe it’s because of how they taste, or look, or maybe you just don’t want to try them and would rather stick with what your comfortable with. Do you like to just stay with some of the classic pizza toppings, or go all out on what you use as your toppings? Would you try some weird and unique toppings on your pizza?