Waffles vs Pancakes

Pancakes vs Waffles 

Stella Breeze

For years and years the contrary between which is better, waffles or pancakes is among one of the most popular decisions in the US. Personally I prefer waffles because I think they are lighter and more fun to eat. Although let’s look at some celebrities and what they prefer. 

Actor Mila Cunes also prefers waffles or pancakes. She says she loves eating at waffle houses along with Dwayne the Rock Johnson and Bruno Mars. Most of these popular celebrities eat at the waffle house on occasions. 

While Johnson says that he likes eating at a waffle house his go to order on a cheat day is chocolate chip pancakes. Dwayne states that Waffle House was comfort food that got him through tough times. 

Along with many other celebrities, country star Carrie Underwood revealed that one of her favorite Christmas traditions was going on a family trip to the Waffle House . The singer said “It’s such a hectic time, and I don’t feel like making breakfast on a day that you’re just making so much food anyway. So we order breakfast and leave a ginormous tip.” 

Clearly many celebrities enjoy a trip the the Waffle house. While not many prefer waffles over pancakes the debate still goes on as there are millions of different opinions on this debate.