Horrors Of the Deep Pt.1


Syd Turner

I wake up in the morning to my alarm clock blaring into my room. I look around my white room, still in shape for sleeping. I slide over my sheets and slowly drop my feet to the ground and somehow perfectly get them into my white fluffy slippers. I wake over to my blinds and with that, I open them. Blinding light fills the room and I squint to look outside. Nothing there besides my mailbox, car, garage, and my driveway that I let the neighbors paint a rainbow. I turn around and walk out of my room, suddenly feeling a chill on the front side of my body but my back is heated from the sun. I head downstairs and make some Cinnamon Spice oatmeal. Grabbing the cup I accidentally shifted a glass. It starts to fall. But catch it instantly. Putting the cup that feels back into the cabinet I close the cabinet. I go over to the kitchen counter and start the water boiling on the stove. I grab the uncooked oats from my pantry and put them in the water which was already in a rolling boil. Once my oatmeal cooked I pulled it out and added the spices. I look over to the room and look out the window. It’s perfect for camping. Finishing my oatmeal, I walk upstairs and get my backpacking backpack. I grab two outfits from my closet and grab my insulated sleeping bag. I go down into the basement and grab my tent. I go back and lace up my shoes and head into my car. My car has a small bunker behind it just for the bathroom so in the middle of the road I pull over and check to see if there is enough toilet paper. I come back into my car and start to drive again. When we were almost there I saw a car slide across the road. I skid to a stop, the rubber on my wheels scraping against the road. I opened my eyes, not realizing that I closed them, that the car was gone. I keep going until I get to the campsite. I let my car fall asleep and get out. Setting up my campsite I grab everything I need. It was already night. I go into my tent, already falling asleep. I close my eyes and drift off into a dreamless sleep. I wake up to the creaking of sticks.