Heroic Homeless Man Saves Pet Shelter Inhabitants

Sophie Lyons, Writer

Keith Walker saw the W-Underdogs pet shelter in Atlanta, Georgia burning on December 18, 2020 and without hesitation, ran inside to rescue the animals. The animals who were using the shelter as their temporary home were 10 cats and 6 dogs and thanks to Walker, they all made it out safely. The W-Underdogs pet shelter’s mission is to educate at-risk children in compassion and responsibility through taking care of cats and dogs and Walker saved that mission with his brave heroics.

Keith Walker, 53, has done odd jobs for W-Underdogs for several years and was heading there to walk his pit bull, Bravo. He’s been homeless since he was 13 years old, and the nonprofit organization shelters his dog. The flames were sparked by an electrical fire in the shelter’s kitchen. When Walker saw the fire, he urged another homeless man named Mike to call 911 and Walker ran inside.“The act that he [Walker] did was incredibly brave and he is a true hero,” Victoria Stilwell, founder of the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior and member of the advisory board of W-Underdogs, said. “He is the guardian angel that was watching over W-Underdogs.”

It’s a good thing that Walker was there because the shelter’s manager was away on a trip when the fire started. And as luck would have it, an anonymous donor donated another shelter for these animals just a few days before the fire. Upon hearing the news of this fiasco, volunteers showed up with vans, cars and even a donated truck to safely transport all the pets to the new building. “It could have been really bad,” Stilwell said. “If they hadn’t done that, the fire could have spread and we would have lost all our animals.”

Now there is even more good news for this pet saving hero. Thanks to grateful people, Walker is no longer homeless! A small but suitable apartment was given to Walker. He will also be given 3 meals a day and a therapist to help him find a job. The therapist will be there for him 24/7 and will teach him about occupations and money management; everything Keith missed growing up as a homeless. “I was really scared to go in there with all that smoke. But God put me there to save those animals.” Walker exclaimed. And it’s a good thing he did save them, otherwise he wouldn’t get everything that he rightfully got because of his brave deed.

Keith Walker, a hero, a former homeless, living the life he has always wanted. But he didn’t get the apartment, the meals, and the therapist for nothing. He risked his life to save all the pets inside W-Underdogs pet shelter. But it’s not just a win for him or the animals. Every at-risk kid who is learning great lifestyles with these dogs and cats can thank Walker for helping them learn more about this life skill. And maybe Walker showed them another great thing to remember. Be brave, stay confident, and remember what is most important to you.