Angry Bird

Destyni Eichelberger, Writer

  Angry Bird 

         By Destyni Eichelberger 



10-year-old Jake loves to ride his bike but on August 2nd at 1:00 an Angry bird comes to “attack him” as he says. He states “ I was just riding my bike to see my friend when a bird starts to attack me, there was one guy who tried to fight the bird off of me but the bird just wouldn’t budge.” 


    At that moment when the bird laid his feathers on Jake, he was terrified and lucky in time to help the 10-year-old. A middle-aged man came up and saw the bird “attacking him” and needed to help this little boy. The random man said “ I just needed to help the little guy. I didn’t want that bird to fly away but with the little boy…. So I grabbed the bird and tried to fight it off, but the bird wouldn’t come off. At All.”


     Jake screamed for more help yelling “ PLeaSe… SomEoNe HelP mE pLeaSe… PLEASE AHHH MOM”. The mother of Jake never came because of how far they were from the house. 


    Jake says that the bird was supposedly Nibbling on his ear and trying to Peck at it but the man still trying to fight the bird off but he couldn’t do anything to stop the bird at all he tried grabbing him and try strangling him and try to do everything that he could save this little boy but nothing worked. 


     But then finally… The bird just flew away to his own path to his own family and Jake was so terrified that he ran away back home and told his mom everything that just had happened. He didn’t even want to see his friends anymore he just wanted to run back home to his mama. The man chased after him with his bike to return it to him all the way home. 


     Jake Eventually got his bike back from the man and told his mom everything that had happened with the bird and him and he wondered why the bird wanted to do that such thing to him. And maybe why no one else did Malcolm this day he will always remember that moment. And the moral of the story is never to go outside when you see a bird.