Princess and the Baby Swing

Destyni Eichelberger, Writer

   Princess and the baby swing 

                   By Destyni Eichelberger


   16-year-old Nessa got stuck in a baby swing while filming a TikTok in a Texas community park at 4:00 with some high school friends. This happened on January 6th when she and her friends decided to video swinging the swing with her inside. 


  At first the 16-year-old thought nothing of it, but then a few more minutes went by and she panics while one of her friends records her struggling to get out of the swing. Then she tells her friends to help her get out because “she thinks she is stuck”.


    As her friends proceed to get her out nothing moves she is stuck. As they all sat there thinking of a way to get Nessa out, one of her friends thought to call the fire department so that’s what they did, they called the fire department. 

    So the fire department came to help her out. Nessa was scared and embarrassed to be getting cut out of a baby swing with her 4 friends laughing and taking pictures of the firemen getting her out. Moral of the story… If you’re under 7 don’t go in the baby swing.