Dean Freedman’s Family Issues


Keira Vipani, Writer


Celebrity photographer, Dean Freedman was caught up in the mix of his own family drama. His ex- wife, Olga Freedman pleaded guilty to killing their disabled son, Dylan Freedman. Olga shared Dylan with her ex-husband, Dean like most divorced couples would. The unusual thing about that family is that Dean Freedman takes pictures for some of the very famous people in America like David Beckham, and The Spice Girls. 


Olga admitted to her crime on Monday in a British court. She was charged for manslaughter due to her crime of killing her own child. While Olga admitted this in court on just Monday, she told the Action Police Station that she gave Dylan some pills and shoved a sponge into his mouth. The Action Police went to investigate and saw Dylan unresponsive on his mom’s bed. 


He was called dead at the scene due to his unresponsive state and current condition. An autopsy was performed to announce that the cause of Dylan’s death was upper airway obstruction. 


Dylan had autism his entire life and his mother, Olga was his main caretaker of the household. She had told some of her friends about the challenges of raising a child with autism. Taking care of Dylan may have put a strain on her own mental health because she was reported to have some struggles with her mental health in the weeks leading up to Dylan’s death. 


CPS says that in a news release Olga was recorded saying,  ‘This is my job: to sacrifice my beloved child to create a balance in this world.’ ” CPS in London added that they had observed Dylan’s mother struggling to cope with Dylan’s death. 


This information that People News received can make a lot of people confused because on one hand Olga is making public statements saying that she must sacrifice her son because he causes unbalance to her and everyone’s lives. On the other hand, there are observations stating that Olga has been unable to cope with her 10 year old son’s sudden death.  


“Olga Freeman had loved and cared for Dylan for many years, but the strain and pressures of her son’s severe and complex special needs had built up and that combined with her impaired mental health led to heart-breaking consequences,” Katsouris said in a statement.” 

When someone is pressured to the extent that they can’t do any more, this is when people need to start noticing that something is wrong with that person’s mental health. Olga Freedman’s son is a victim of Olga’s poor mental health and that no one noticed how she was doing. 

Dean was a busy workman because he has a very important job to do. He split Dylan’s care with Olga but he and Olga were divorced, making him not responsible for Olga. She wasn’t married to anyone at the time of Dylan’s death and before that either, so no one was there for her.