The Downfall Final Part


Genesis Key, Writer

‘’Hello is anybody there, Ally said as her voice echoed through the room as she looked around the lights turn on and a little small man appeared with a light purple cape and orange sword and he  had a green shirt and pants to go with it.


The man said’’ I’m Gridthdoor and I was seeking to find you when you got here’’.


‘’How did you know that I was here, We just met a minute ago.’’


‘’ Oh I have a human tracking device in the city so I could know who is good or not’’.

‘’And I have audio hidden in it to see what you are up to so I heard you trying to go back home so that’s why we are down here to take you home’’, GridthDoor said.


Ally was relieved that Gridthdoor was taking her home because finally she can be normal and not go through another portal again.


‘’But wait there’s more to tell you before you go home.’’ Grid Door said


‘’What do you mean’’, Ally said.


‘’I mean that when you go back you have to stop your friend Ryan from getting spelled from those red bananas because they came back for her for revenge.


‘’But I gave them to the homeless kids because they didn’t have food so I was doing right and plus I was going to give her a stuffed edible banana sundae anyway at tiki’s but somehow I fell in the bloodiest hole ever.’’ Ally said


‘’Oh I know I want to tell you before it happens but those kids wasn’t homeless there old demon souls that disguise themselves as homeless people but I know it sounds weird but it’s true because they were founders of those red bananas you had so they keep track who ever touch them but it’s  a trap to send  anybody in a portal to be trap forever in their lifetime’’,  GritdthDoor said to Ally.


Ally was coufesed she thought those kids was homeless people but she still fell in that stupid portal also she felt stupid and humiliated about that she that never notice it but wait this doesn’t feel right to her maybe this a lesson to her that she always should out look for traps in her life and other people’s life because you don’t know who can you trust in your life.


But Ally did listen to GridthDoor and she did what he said so Gridthdoor gave her pink potion that says undreaming Ally didn’t know what it mean but she drink it anyway then she appear at a party seeing Ryan opening her gifts then she saw her gift it was obvious because look like a banana bunch wrap in paper wrapper.

So Ally went straight to Ryan and took the red bananas from her and told her,’’I know this is weird but these bananas are cursed because for one they are red and for two they are not   usually bananas they are really a trap that I really didn’t give anything but my love for you.’’ Ally said to Ryan while throwing away the bananas in the trash.


‘’ Well thanks for saving me but I was going to say that rude but now I gotta say is that I love you too my friend.’’ Ryan said awkwardly to Ally.

Ally was grateful that she save her friend’s life but after she hug Ryan she open her eyes and woke up in her now she realize that she was dreaming a dream and all things she saw and heard wasn’t real and that she was only dreaming a big dream  not a small one she thought earlier it was all a big dream so she  was dreaming a dream that was teaching her a valuable lesson so all she have to do now is to not fall for any traps in her life and only trust the people she loves and care.


Ally knew what the dream meant. She always had problems falling for things that got her in trouble or hurt but now she learned that lesson not to do it. She feels great that dreams can solve your problems in life because you never know what you have or what you are like.