WildFlowers/Datura Home Review


Kylie Driggers, Writer

WildFlowers/Datura Home is a shop that specializes in terrariums, crystals, pots, vases, plants, soil, soaps, cards, gifts, stuffed animals, and many other things. Datura Home used to be named WildFlowers but sadly the owners broke up so one of them owns Datura Home and one owns WildFlowers, but both of the stores sell the same exact thing. The location of Datura Home is 10155 E 29th Dr, Denver, CO 80238 , and the location of WildFlowers is 1201 Madison St. Denver, CO 80206. Both of the stores always have healthy plants, I have never seen gnats or any kind of bug on the plants. Every time I visit the shops, I am always greeted in by the people who work there, and the employees are always so friendly at the stores, even when you check out they’ll ask you about your day and stuff.

Unlike Home depot, WildFlowers/Datura Home actually water their plants and don’t use spray paint to color them. Another cool thing that WildFlowers/Datura Home sells is stuff that you can add to decorate your terrarium, such as sand, gold sand, rocks, crystals, moss that comes in many different colors (but they dye it, sometimes the dye will come out from the moss when you water it, but the color of the moss stays the same), little figurines (like fairies, mushrooms, dogs, cats,  fairy houses, etc.) and more cool stuff. Sometimes the pots can be overpriced like $20 for a pot that you can only fit a plant or two in which they can be pricey, and smaller pots about the size of your fist can go to $5-20 typically. The plants are most of the time pretty cheap, a plant that’s the size of your fist is usually (depending on the plant type) $5, and anything double or triple the size will most likely cost $10-30, and of course a plant half the size of a person costs about $60-400. Other people have the same thing to say about the shop, even my friends and family like it. As someone like me who LOVES plants with a passion, I go to the stores very often and buy all my plants/pots/terrarium decor from there, I give them a 10/10.