Recap of Nfl regular season

This Nfl season has been crazy with injuries, covid and lots of booming players and some busts along the way.


Some stars from this Nfl season, including the 1st overall pick Joe Burrow

Ollie Guyor, Offical football writer

The Nfl season has been crazy all across America this fall, the Cleveland Browns made the playoff for the first time since 2002, A wide receiver started as a quarterback, while having coronavirus around, teams had to make Coronavirus plans, this is a recap of the 2020 regular season. 


Injuries had played a huge part in the season, bringing out stars like Micheal Thomas and Christian Mcaffrey from most to all to the season. Every team was plagued by injuries, with at least one star that had an injury. The most notable injuries were Panthers running back Christian Mccaffrey, Falcon wide receiver Julio Jones, Saints wide receiver Micheal Thomas and Broncos linebacker Von Miller The most hit hard by the injuries were the Denver Broncos, who lost super bowl MVP Von Miller, Wide Receiver Cortland Sutton, Bradley Chubb and Drew Lock in week 2, after that who never looked like the franchise quarterback again. With all these players getting injured, new faces had to step up in the spotlight. This can’t be more evident with DK Metcalf, who had 1,303 yards and 10 touchdowns. This is also true for undrafted rookie James Robinson, who had 1,070 yards and 7 touchdowns. He did this all on the 1-15 Jacksonville Jaguars. With Nick Chubb  going down week 4, Kareem Hunt had shined since. Kareem Hunt has 841 yards and 6 touchdowns, and he is still a backup. 


While there have been a lot of new stars, there have also been a lot of busts. The biggest example has to be Carson Wentz, who led the Nfl in turnovers. Drew Lock was also a major bust, or the entire Broncos team, who a Nfl expert Adam Rank had them going 11-5 and having 1st place in the Afc West. They went 5-11. You can’t have a bust list without talking about the NFC East. The whole NFC East record combined was 19-40-1. The winner of the NFC East went 7-9. That’s where it got its nickname, the NFC least. During this season, there have been Nfl trades and news. The biggest one had to be the Diggs trade. The Buffalo Bills got Stefon Diggs, who is a top 5 in the league. While the Minnesota Vikings got a first round pick, which they used to grab Justin Jefferson, the best rookie wide receiver in the league. But not the craziest. The craziest one had to be the Hopkins. The Texans traded the best 2019 wide receiver, for a bust running back and a pick. The Jets traded away Jamal Adams for some Seahawks picks. The Patriots picked up Cam Newton, who was also a bust this season. Phillip Rivers and Drew Brees have retired. Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions muttaly part ways and Deshaun Watson wants out from the Houston Texans. 


Finally which teams had a great season, which did not and which are making the playoffs next year. The Colts are a great quarterback away from super bowl contenders. While Phillip Rivers was a good quarterback, he was not a top 10 and bareilly a top 15. The Colts got a great O line, a top 3 defense and weapons on the offense. That is any quarterbacks dream. If the Colts can either draft or pick up a great quarterback, they are superbowl contenders. The Cardinals should also be in the playoffs next year. The Cardinals have a outstanding team, with a top 10 quarterback and top 3 wide receiver. The problem with the Cardinals is they literally went 6-3 to start the season then to choke and end up 8-8. The Bears did the exact same thing and still made the playoffs. Speaking of the Bears, they are not gonna make the playoffs next year. Mitch Tribisky is not the only problem for the Bears. Also the Steelers will not make the playoffs. The Steelers are gonna have a really hard schedule, playing the Nfc North and Afc West. What makes it especially hard is this season they had the easiest schedule in the league, dancing to 12-4 and making the playoffs. Plus the Steelers have to play the Browns and Ravens who both went 11-5. They got to play them twice. Even though this season has been crazy with coid and injury heavy year, it was honestly a great year. Football kinda saved this year, with incredible plays and incredible players. This Nfl season was truly a top 10 season.