Coronavirus: The Attacks Part 3!

Coronavirus: The Attacks Part 3!

Straton Geddes, writer

Recap: So far, every character in this book has been exposed to this new virus, the Coronavirus, and everybody but a couple of them has gotten it, and Straton and Cooper were on the phone and Straton fell.


Now, the Story

Act 3 scene 1

At the hospital, Straton is very sick, doctors don’t know how to help.


Laurens/doctor: I am so sorry we don’t know how to help you, ‘cause this is very new to everyone


Straton: I completely understand, and I knew I would go down early.


Finn/doctor: You’re lucky you even got a spot in the hospital, this place is crowded with people who have caught COVID.


Straton: I’m not surprised.

All exit


Act 3 scene 2

In the main lobby of the hospital, Cooper is trying to visit Straton


Cooper: I have to visit him! You expect me to just let him die alone?!


Nurse: Please calm down. Nobody is allowed to enter the building, and it is almost guaranteed that you would catch it.


Cooper: Who cares if I catch it? It’s not like I’m married or anything!


Cooper tries to dodge the nurse. The nurse stops him.


Nurse: If you don’t stop, I will be forced to call the cops


Cooper starts to tear up


Cooper: Please, even if it is just for one minute, I just want to see him.

Nurse: I’m sorry, but I can’t let you do that.


Cooper gets in the car. Drives away.


Act 3 scene 3


Back at his house, Cooper calls the rest of the group. Everyone answers


Cooper: Sorry I’m telling you this now, but you know how Pat died from this new disease?


Wes: Yeah, why?


Cooper: Well, Straton has it too now, and the doctors don’t know how to help him.


Miles: Oh my gosh! I’m getting in my car right now to visit him


Cooper: No, they won’t let you, they said it’s too dangerous.


Taz: But he is dying here! 


Cooper: I have already tried. They said no.


Wes: This is awful, They should let people go in one at a time.


Wes hangs up. Scene switch to Wes. Wes gets in the car


Wes: I can’t believe it. My own brother is going to die alone!