Superbowl 55

Superbowl 55

Sachin Hansen, Writer

Super Bowl 55, an interesting and one of a kind year. Of 32 teams, narrowed down to just 1, the champion. The super bowl is an incredible game and with this year The Weeknd will perform during halftime. On Sunday, February 7, The Lombardi trophy will be lifted again by either the Buccaneers or the Chiefs. The Buccaneers have had an amazing season with a future Hall of Famer as the quarterback. But the Chiefs have been plowing their way through teams, and have one of the best records in the league. We may not know the outcome just yet, but one thing is for sure, this will be an incredible game to watch. Tom Brady has dominated the league for many years, he came from New England to Tampa and is hoping the get his 7th win and go down in history. The chiefs are looking for back to back wins and finish off another amazing season.  


The Chiefs led by Andy Ried have had a dominant season winning 14 of their 16 games. Patrick Mahomes ll has shown incredible promise after winning MVP in 2018 and winning the super bowl in 2019. With incredible tight end Travis Kelce, and dominated wide receiver Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs have an incredible starting lineup. Although Mahomes lacks in experience, he makes up with pure athleticism. Playing baseball for all of his childhood, he has one of the best arms in the league. With Mahomes athleticism and Andy Ried’s experience the Chiefs have an incredible duo, that will go down in history. The chiefs are looking to win the Superbowl 2 years in a row, that hasn’t been done in over 40 years. 


The buccaneers are looking for their 2nd Superbowl win having one in 2003. With future hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady, the buccaneers have made it to the Superbowl and are hoping to win. With a worse record than the chiefs, having only won 11 of their 16 games. With Antonio brown as a wide receiver and Rob Gronkowski as tight end, the two teams have evenly matched teams. Tom Brady has the advantage over Mahomes in knowledge and experience he lacks as much skill having played for 21 years. The Superbowl will be played in Tampa, so the Bucs have the home-field advantage. The Buccaneers haven’t been a great team until this year, Tom Brady was traded to the Bucs along with wide receiver Antonio Brown. Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement and the Bucs picked him up. If they can win this year it will show just how dominant of a player Tom Brady really is. 


Whatever the score, this year’s Superbowl will be a one-of-a-kind event. Tom Brady looking for his 7th Superbowl win, and the chiefs looking to go back to back, it will be a competitive and closely matched game. The game will happen on Sunday, February 7th with a kickoff at 4:30 Mountain time. This will be a heck of a game to watch and a very special season to finish out.