NFL Playoffs


Felix Ronchetti, Writer

The NFL 2020 playoffs have started and they are really interesting. There are two leagues (NFC and AFC), and in each league, there are three wild card games. One team (the best team) in each league gets a buy. The worst remaining team after the wild card round plays the team with a bye. Then, the other two teams play. Whoever wins those two games play each other, and the winner in each league goes to the supper bowl.

The three wildcard games in the AFC where Bills vs Colts, Steelers vs Browns, and Ravens vs Titans. The Bills edged out a victory versus the Colts, winning 27-24. The Browns upset the Steelers beating them 48-37 and sending them home. The Ravens beat the Titans by one touchdown, thanks to their defense shutting down Derek Henry. NFC wild card. Seahawks vs Rams, Bucs vs Football Team, and Saints vs Bears. The Rams beat the Seahawks due to their defense shutting down Russel Wilson, Tyler Lockett, and D.K. Metcalf. The Bucs defeated the Football Team 31-23, and the Saints destroyed the Bears 21-9. Now the AFC divisional round. The Bills shut down the Ravens and Lamar Jackson’s electric offense only holding them to 3 points.

The Chiefs edged out a win against the Browns 22-17. In the NFC Divisional round, The Packers beat the Rams and their Defense, due to Devante Adams winning his all-pro matchup against Jaylen Ramsey. The Bucs beat the Saints in Drew Brees’s last game as a Saint, beating them 30-20. The conference championship will have the Bills facing off against the Chiefs in the AFC. I think that the Bills will win because of the amazing Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs connection, and the fact that MVP candidate Patrick Mahomes may be out. In the NFC the Packers are facing off against the Bucs.

I think that the packers will win because they have a great passing attack with Devonte Adams, and the Bucs aren’t good against the pass.