2020 Alabama v 1971 Nebraska


Chance Haskins, Writer

What is the best college football team ever? An age-old rivalry between the best teams ever. The Nebraska 1971 team is considered to be the best team for a while now according to ESPN. However, it is hard to compare these teams for a number of reasons so we will move it to the Nebraska 1995 team. This team is ranked third all-time but, in my opinion, it is the greatest team of all time. With the score this year being 24-52 Alabama serenely throws their name up there with the greatest teams. Nebraska only one 35-21 in 1995 however you can reason that Alabama did not play anyone in their playoff run and Nebraska did. Similarities; They were both undefeated they were both favored big on the odds. Differences the main differences are the play styles and the conferences, Alabama is in the sec and runs a Pro-style offence while Nebraska is in the big ten and runs more of a smash-mouth offence back then. Let’s look at the divisions the sec had no other championships in the 2010s, the big ten has 1 in the 1990s. Who is the best college football team in history? Is the new Alabama team up there? Up to you.