How to Survive in Person School

How to Survive in Person School

Liam Gamache, Staff Writer

Students at Mcauliffe international school are set to officially return to in person learning on the 20th due to the development and distribution of the Fizer vaccine, and because of this switch there are a few things you need to know in order to stay safe.


First of all, it is important to bring as many of your needed supplies such as pencils and markers from home and to avoid sharing supplies and materials as much as possible.


  We want to eliminate the spread of any germs and particles from you to your other peers, so it is very important that all of the things you are touching and using are contained in your COVID bubble. 


If the sharing of materials is necessary, try to contact your teacher to see if they can provide you with the supplies you need before contacting peers. Any items that are passed between two or more people must be sanitized, and I would recommend washing your hands afterwards as well.


One of the biggest COVID risks for in person learning is lunch because you have to lower the mask in order to eat. Besides staying 6 feet away from any students while eating, it is imperative that you resist the urge to share or trade food with your peers.


This is a huge risk to spreading COVID from not only the germs on the food, but also any germs contracted from your parent or guardian who may have prepared the meal.


Finally, in order to ensure that the school can respond as quickly as possible in the event that someone at McAuliffe contracts COVID, you need to take responsibility and make sure that you notify your teachers if you ever feel at all under the weather or if you experience COVID symptoms.


It is okay to be a bit over cautious and tell your parents even if you think it may just be allergies, because on the off chance that it is COVID, the school needs to be notified as quickly as possible in order to stop any possible spreading of the virus.