Plants: The Key Item In Any Space


Katie Casey, Writer

Are you working from home? Are you doing school from home? Most of us are. Quick question, in your work space, do you have some plants? If not, go get some plants for your space! I’m about to tell you about why you need plants in your space.


Plants make you happy. When plant’s are doing so well, and they are lush green, you feel so good about how nice they look. If a plant looks like it is doing well, and they look happy, then you feel happy! If you own a plant with flowers, and they are blooming, then it’s like your plant is saying, “Hello, owner! I hope your day is going well, I am happy and you should be too!” If your plant’s leaves aren’t green, but perhaps purple, then that can make you smile to! 


Plants are relaxing. If you are feeling flustered, and you look over and see your plants are doing well, you can have that feeling that you are great at taking care of something. Your plants can be like a warm hug full of “You’re doing great!” Also, you can watch your plants grow. When you do, you can feel as if they are growing up, and this is such a great feeling. This feeling makes me feel like a very lucky person.


Plants are a treasure, and I think we should keep them and appreciate them. Plants do take time and care, but that is great! It gives me, and probably you too, great pleasure to take care of a plant. When plants are happy, they make you happy! Happiness is liquid gold, and we should use this simple way to enjoy the liquid gold. So, do you have any plants in your workspace and home?