Is Caffeine Good For Teens


Margaret Martin, Writer

Caffeine can be helpful allowing for people to stay more alert especially in mornings but it isn’t very good for teenagers or adolescents. Caffeine is often found in coffee and energy drinks but the amount of caffeine in a drink can be difficult to determine especially because the amount of caffeine in a energy drink is not on the nutrition label. In addition teenagers can be especially prone to the less desirable effects of caffeine such as anxiety, difficulty sleeping and dehydration.

Caffeine however is not a substitute for real sources of energy and alertness. Getting good sleep and eating healthy are far better ways to get through a day especially considering the amount of sleep necessary for adolescents and teens.

With drinks often containing much more caffeine than you would think and the often vague and colorful packaging caffeinated drinks can be very dangerous resulting in spikes of energy drink related emergency room.