Alex Smith Return to Football


Scarlett Lutz, Writer

Alex smith return to football


When Alex Smith suffered a season ending injury n 2018, many doctors and fans thought that he would never return to football. On November 18, 2018, Smith and his team were playing the Houston Texans, When he was tackled, his leg got twisted, causing a compound fracture in both his Fibula, and Tibia, in his right leg. During his recovery, he got an bacterial infection, after his first surgery.


 After, he needed 16 more surgery’s if he wanted to get his leg back to normal again. At first, all the doctors were trying to dow as keep smith alive. The infection that was found in his right leg, releasing a lot of harmful chemicals into his blood. The original plan was that if the doctors were not able to remove the infection, the plan would be to amputate Smiths right leg just above the knee. Smith underwent more than 10 surgeries, in order to get rid of th infection. Doctors say that it is a miracle that he has his leg, and that he is lucky to be alive.


 Now, Smith has led his team to the playoff, in the Wild Card, where they will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on saturday.although his team is only 7-9, they did receive the top seed in the NFC east. This is the first year that the team has made the playoffs since 2015