The New Movie “Soul”

The New Movie

Perrin Swientisky, Writer

“Soul” is a good movie and many people have seen it already. “Soul” is a family film, animated, adventure, music genre, comedy, fantasy, and drama movie. It is a Pixar film and can be found on Disney+. Joe Gardener is a music teacher who really wants to become a jazz musician, but his family isn’t that supportive of him. He falls in a hole and knocks out into a coma. His soul is separated from his body and goes up to the You Seminar (also known as the Great Before). It is where young souls develop different personality traits before becoming a newborn on Earth. 


Some of the actors/actresses in this movie are:

Jamie Foxx as Joe Gardener(Main Character) Daveed Diggs as Paul (the bullier) Tina Fey as 22 (the young soul in The Great Before) Questlove as Curly(Joe’s friend. Also a musician) Rachel House as Terry (the villain, also known as the soul counter) Phylicia Rashad as Libba (Joe’s mother) Graham Norton as Moonwind


This is a really great movie. A lesson of the movie is to look at the small things in life. Like, don’t always go looking for the big things. Joe didn’t see what 22 saw in life. 22 just got to Earth and saw everything that was different and cool to her. Joe didn’t care about those things because he sees them every day and looks for bigger things. When Joe finally saw the small things he was happier and thought differently. 

This movie is good and I would rate it a 3.5 out of 5 because it has some bad words and it wasn’t the greatest movie ever.