The Knights of Migore #4


Kirin Davidson, Writer

The next day, The Knights found food around the Kingdom and held it in some cold rooms in the house and then took some to the table for Dinner.

They ate very quietly and watched their income to ration their food.

“Tomorrow we will go to the Castle and look around.” Windle took a piece of bread. They all nodded in agreement. 


They finished most of the food and put aside the rest for tomorrow. 


“I’m going to go on a walk.” Ryler walked to the door, “Anyone want to come?” 

“I’m pretty tired.” Windle yawned. 

“Same. See you tomorrow Ryler.” Jastar and Windle walked to their rooms. 

Ryler walked out the door into the darkness of the night, took a deep breath, and kept walking. 

Ryler walked through the city looking at the rundown buildings. He wondered what had happened here? Why had it happened? How many men were there that day?  

Ryler had still been shocked from that day they found out the truth about The King. He always knew The King as a father figure. Ryler’s true father was known as a coward in war. During the orc wars, when the orc’s betrayed the peace between the orcs and humans, Ryler’s father purposely smashed his foot with a hammer to get out of fighting. Ryler’s father was scared when he saw men coming back in so much pain. Ryler was treated differently after that day. Kids would mock his father in front of him. When Ryler was 12 he couldn’t take it anymore. He ran away and got lost. Then some Castle Knights found him and brought him to the King. The King brought him in as his own. Ryler worked very hard to get up on the wall of hero’s to show that he was nothing like his father. Ryler never saw his father again. 


“I’m worried about Ryler,” Windle stopped Jastar before he got in his bed, “I think he took the King’s betrayal very badly. He’s not very strong.”

“Pshhh.” Jastar scoffed, “Ryler’s can take it. Also, I’ve seen him open a pickle jar! He’s strong.”

 “No,” Windle facepalmed, “I mean emotionally strong. Ever since he ran out on his family, he pushed out his emotions and started a new life.”

“Well, I don’t think there is anything we can do. We will just have to go with the flow.” Jastar made a wave with his arms.


The next morning, The Knights woke up early. They took out some porridge and scarfed it down very quickly, they had a long day ahead of them. 


After that they made their way to the Castle, they stood in front of the doors and stopped for a minute.


“So what do you think we’ll find there?” Jastar asked, “A tone of dead bodies? A tone of dust? Oh! Oh! A tone of dust on dead bodies!” 

“No, no, and definitely not!” Windle spat, “We just need to look for clues on why The King’s Knights were here?” 

“Ugh, fine.” Jastar sighed, “You know you could be a bit more fun Windle.”

“Hahaha.” Windle fake laughed, “Come one, let’s get these doors open.” 

They lifted the wood planks together and walked in. Everything was burned to ash. 

“Wow.” Jastar took a step back. 

Ryler walked over to the throne and admired it. He rubbed his fingers against it. His finger dipped down on a whole in the throne. It had been smoothed so it was not broken. 

“Windle, what’s this?” Ryler asked, still feeling it. 

 “I don’t know?” Windle walked over, “Looks like a place to hold a stone. As if it was the King’s stone.” 

“Why would someone keep a stone?” Jastar looked confused, “It’s a rock.” 

“I don’t know.” Windle turned around, “Let’s try the library.” 

“No,” Jastar looked disgusted, “not reading!”


Later that day they found the library on the north side of the Kingdom.


They walked into the library. Everything was in disarray across the room. 

“Well, start looking for a book about the Kingdom.” Windle walked over to a pile of books and sorted through them . 


A couple of hours later they looked through the last book.


“Wait!” Jastar exclaimed, “This is it!” Windle walked over and took the book from him. 

“Kingdom Of Milodan’s History and Myths.” He read out. Windle zoomed through the pages and then stopped. The chapter stated, “The Stone of Wishes.” Windle looked up from the book and nodded. “The Stone of Wishes is a rock that the King found on a ride one day. It glowed at him. He took it back to the Kingdom. When he came back, his father was ill. He wished for his father to feel better again with the stone in his pocket. It glowed brighter than it had before. A few moments later, his father came out fine as ever. It was at this moment, the King knew that the stone was magical.”

“Wait so it can do anything you wish for?” Jastar was confused. 

“Yes.” Ryler answered. 

“Cool!” Jastar smiled. 

“What if King Fod wanted the stone for himself to wish for whatever he wanted. That’s why he attacked this Kingdom.” Windle walked around the library. 

“Good thinking Windle,” Ryler agreed, “Wait, but why did the King need Dave?”

“What if Dave was the King here but he was trying to get the stone back from King Fod.” Windle thought. 

“It all makes sense now,” Jastar nodded, “We need to get back to the Kingdom and stop King Fod before he wishes for anything!” 


The Knights ran for their horses, and back to the Kingdom they went.