The Mysterious Cave 

The Mysterious Cave 

Katherine Essien, Writer

Me and my friends where riding are bikes in the wood when we seen a entrance the entrance was in rocks and seemed like it lead to some sort of cave


“Do u want to go in there” my friend V asked 


“NO” my friend Leah replied 


“We should it would be fun” I said


“Fine” Leah replied 


We walked into the cave. It was cold and dark so V used the flash light on her phone so we could see where we were going. The floors were dirt and there wasn’t anything in the cave besides dirt and rocks. As  we walked deeper into the cave we started to hear noises it sounded like a click and the closer we got the louder the clicks got. Then we saw it, a large hairy bat. We started running out of the cave but Leah slipped 


“Oww” she cried as she held her ankle


“ Do you think you’ll be able to get up” I asked 


“No” Leah said in tears


“Ok, I’ll pick you up” V said 


We tried to find the entrance to the cave as V held Leah but then we found it. It was already dark. We called my Mom so she could pick us up and take Leah to the hospital but then I saw I dropped my wallet. I headed back to the cave entrance but it was gone. The entrance was no were to be seen and neither was my wallet.