Tech News

Staś Cieślik, Writer

All new GPUs are still sold out. Cyberpunk2077 is extremely glitchy on everything besides pc. Apple releases airpods max. 

So the gpus are still sold out and the only way I found to solve this problem is making a python bot or a discord bot that informs you when they restock the python bot would automatically buy the item you want this will work for things that are not just gpus it would work for things like ps5 or xbox series x or maybe things that sell out fast online like supreme so you can make money here’s the python bot but you have to write the code yourselves. Cyberpunk came out amazing but extremely glitchy on console but it was fine when I played it on pc so if you’re playing it on console you should get a pc it is far more versatile than consoles. Airpods max released and the memes made from it are only succeeded by the sonic movie and the ps5 and they’re extremely ugly. That’s all the news that I found you’re welcome for all the solutions to these problems.