Growing Concerns of NBA Shutting Down from Covid


Max Donnelly, Writer

Many people think that the NBA should shut down for a little so covid outbreaks can get back in control. There have been many covid outbreaks and many postponed games. They are making more restrictions. According to SBNation “The Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, Washington Wizards, Miami Heat, and Chicago Bulls are all dealing with outbreaks within the locker room.” If people keep getting covid and they have to play that day then they would have their bad players in and have a bad chance of winning.


With the big trade that just happened including James Harden with four teams involved could easily spread the virus to other people on the teams. Covid is killing many people and NBA teams can’t afford to have any of their player die because of it. Last year they had to shut down the NBA because of covid and nothing is different now its just worse. Basketball involves a lot of contact and staying close to other people which makes it easy to spread the virus. Also basketball involves a lot of heavy breathing to easily spread it also.

It keeps getting passed to people over and over again and according to SBNation “There are reports that certain players have already contracted the virus for a second time.” There is no way for them to stop the spread with games happening daily. Teams will have to start to forfeit their game which can be very costly when playoffs are near. If the NBA just made all players quarantine for 14 days then they could start of fresh with no covid cases