The Pros and Cons Of Eating Gum


Zenat Zumer, Writer

Chewing Gum can be tasty and satisfy you but have you seen the bad side of gum?Gum can be potentially bad for your oral health it can cause tooth decay if the gum you are chewing is more of sugar then it an cause a lot of destruction inside your mouth.Gum has artificial sweeteners which provides a sweet taste and a lot more energy which when you look at natural sugars they contain less energy or less sweet, chewing gum on a regular basis isn’t a very good idea because it could eventually lead to tooth deformities which can cause the loss of teeth and a lot more.The more gum you eat the more headaches you get every day because you constantly chewing and chewing and harming your teeth is also a problem because it increases the amount of bad bacteria if you eat it after dinner but let’s see the bright side of gum when you eat gum it helps improve your memory because it gets the blood pumping and increases blood flow making it a lot easier to remember things and it could also put stop to heart burns for a while you can also reduce the amount of stress levels and anxiety it is allowed to help with its sweets and lower stress to help students and adults with better study without distractions.Some say chewing gum could help someone lose weight because you can burn 11 calories by chewing unsweetened gum for 1 hours but its not truly proven.Have you ever felt drowsy and sleepy for no reason well gum can help you with that, it increases energy levels and it helps you stay up for the day so you don’t miss those 12 hours of AM in the morning .Isn’t gum dry? No gum is more than helpful with a dry mouth even when it is a dry treat because every time you chew on a piece of gum saliva helps try to smash the food so it becomes easier to chew and swallow so if you chew gum a lot, saliva becomes more and more efficient.Gum helps with depression because all that chewing brings a more positive mood and it reduces stress levels by alot and it also helps decrease nausea because it can improve an upset stomach,sometimes chewing gum can whiten teeth and truly freshen someone’s breath.Gum helps your jaw because when you munch the gum the muscles on you face are working hard and hard and it helps healthy your gums.The best gum for more positive changes can be sugar free gum made with xylitol. It’s great to say that chewing gum is positive and a little negative but to remember that gum is better to eat occasionally.