S’mores Cookies


Delaney Martin, Writer

Today I will be making Smores cookies. This recipe doesn’t take too long to make and it is a great comfort treat.

The ingredients I used for this recipe are 2 eggs, ⅔ cup vegetable oil, 2 tsp vanilla extract, 2 bars of chocolate, ¾ cup of sugar, about 30 marshmallows, 2 cups of all purpose flour, 2 tsp of baking powder, and ½ tsp salt. I also used an electric mixer and oven for this recipe.

The first thing I did was preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, I put the eggs in my mixer and beat it together at medium speed. Once the eggs were done being mixed, I added the vegetable oil and vanilla extract to the eggs, and mixed that together at the same speed. After that, I added my sugar to the mixture at high speed, and waited until the mixture looked thick. Then, in a separate bowl, I sifted the flour, baking powder, and salt and I mixed them together. After that, I gradually added the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mixed them together. Once they were mixed together, I made little balls with the dough (about tablespoon sized). Then, I flattened the balls a little bit so that they looked like a disc and added about four squares of chocolate and 1 marshmallow to the middle of the disk and then I folded the cookie dough over the chocolate and marshmallow so that the cookie dough covered them, and they still looked like discs. Then, I put the cookie dough disks/balls onto two ungreased cookie sheets. Lastly, I baked the cookies at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.

Also once they were done baking, I let them cool for a couple of minutes. They were so good! They tasted like S’mores, but even better because they were cookies. I loved how the outside was soft but a little crunchy, and the inside was warm and creamy with the melted marshmallow and chocolate. This recipe didn’t make a mess at all, and it was really easy to make. I would rate these cookies a 9 out of 10, and I would definitely recommend trying this recipe.

(By the way, the picture is not mine, I wasn’t able to take a photo)

Photo creds: modernhoney.com