Brain Concussions For Athletes


Henry Caldwell, Writer

Brain concussions for athletes are a very discussed topic.  The truth is concussions in athletes are very common. According to the University of Michigan there are about 3.8 million concussions a year in the U.S. from sports-related injuries. Now that is a big number. The center for disease control estimates that 5-10% will experience a concussion in any given sports season.


The scarier thing is that most of these injuries go unreported. Since these injuries go unreported there is a higher risk that there will be long-term consequences. Another thing is that the athlete may return to play earlier than usual and even worse they may not take any time off at all. This could effect their career and their whole life. 


The majority of people who have sustained a concussion will need to be sidelined for at least seven to ten days. But it is highly recommended that you go to a doctor and have the right procedures done to ensure the athletes safety. 


In Short, even if you might have a concussion it is important to get somebody to check you out just in case. You should at least take seven to ten days off if you do have a concussion. If you have a bad concussion you should ask your doctor how long you should take off. Concussions can have lasting impacts and if they go unnoticed they can end an athlete’s career.