Sugary, Sweet, and a Race Against Time


Sophia Zafra, Writer

    A sweet sugary smell filled the air. I sat at a glistening clean table in my mom’s bakery. My mom was chatting with some customers and waiting for the blueberry muffins to finish being baked in the oven. I closed my eyes and dreamily imagined the scene that was happening in my book: A young magician traveling through the forest with his family. 


    When I opened my eyes, I stood up and walked behind the counter and to my mom. She was drizzling lemon icing over the blueberry muffins. The two customers that were by the counter stared at the delicious treats. No one could resist my mom´s talent: baked goodies. Once my mom finished, she packed the muffins into a bag that said: Ceanne´s Bakery and handed it to a couple that had a toddler, jumping up and down, trying to reach the bag. My mom smiled, and laughed, a light tinkly laugh that was almost the same as mine. The couple also chuckled. They paid and walked out of the bakery. My mom’s green eyes sparkled. They always did that when she was in a spectacular mood, which she was almost always in. 


     ¨Honey, if a customer comes in, can you bake them what they order? I have to go over to the store next door to get some more flour. You can use what we have left of the flour. Okay?¨ My mom asked, in her lighthearted way.


    ¨Sure, mom. Anything else?¨


    ¨Nope, just do your best, and remember, if you make a mistake, just pick yourself up and try again.¨ My mom said, walking out the door. After a few minutes, a lady who looked like she was 50, walked in. She had gray hair and brown eyes.


    ¨Hello. Any pastries you would recommend here? This is my first time here.¨ The lady said nicely. 


    ¨Well… everything here is delicious! But my favorite thing here is the Sprinklatti Bun. It is shaped like a normal bun, but it is an oval, and there is honey inside and sprinkles on the top. Would you like that?¨


     ¨Sure, that sounds great!¨ The lady exclaimed, sitting down at one of the chairs that we had by the counter. She glanced at her watch and her face darkened. ¨Miss, I’m sorry to rush you, but I have a meeting in 45 minutes, and I absolutely cannot be late.¨


    ¨Oh.¨ I said, astonished by her change of attitude. ¨Of course, I’ll do my best.¨ 


    The lady glanced at her watch again and frowned. I would have to do my best to please her. I opened our large fridge and got out the eggs and all the other ingredients I would need. I got out a big metal bowl and put some eggs and everything else the recipe that I had memorized, called for. The lady tapped her foot as if rushing me in my head. Go, go, go! Come on, you don’t want to earn a complaint about our bakery, I thought. In 15 minutes, everything was ready to put in the oven. I switched on the oven timer for 25 minutes and started getting the sprinkles out. We had a variety, but for the Sprinklatti Bun, we usually used the rainbow ones. 25 minutes passed slowly, the lady rushing me almost every second, but finally, it passed. The timer dinged and I opened the oven. The Sprinklatti Bun, which was steaming hot, looked perfect as I added a thick layer of sprinkles. 


    ¨Miss, I am going to write a complaint about this bakery if I am late for the meeting because of you! It starts in 5 minutes.¨ The lady said, using a harsh tone as I handed the bag with the bun to her. She paid and then slammed the doors in my face as she walked out of the bakery. Just then, my mom walked in and asked me about how I was doing. I told her everything, from the moment the lady walked into the moment she left.  My mom patted me on my back and lightly kissed me. She said it was okay, and that it was not my fault. 


    Of course, the next day, there was a complaint waiting for me. It stated that one of the workers at the bakery (a.k.a. me) did a horrible job with service, and made her late for a very important meeting. Even after reading it, my mom was not even a teeny-weeny bit mad. After that, I learned that no matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone, so don´t worry about it.