Ball Bros in NBA

Ball Bros in NBA

Noble Barowsky, Writer

Two brothers in the NBA Lamelo and Lonzo Ball are some of the best players but there is a slight difference, one was drafted second overall, and one was drafted third overall.

On Friday, January 8, 2021, they will compete against each other and guard each other for the first time in an NBA game. They are both point guards with similar talent but different personalities. The noise by their celebrity; the criticism in their games. The endless bellowing by Lavar Ball their father also known as the hype man.

Lonzo Ball took a more traditional route a season at UCLA before being drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers being the second pick in the 2017 NBA draft. He was the ball’s family leader running ahead to check if there is danger. Lamelo Ball took a different route and was decidedly an untraditional route created in part by his brother’s success without his older brother Lonzo there wouldn’t be a big baller brand, which means Lamelo wouldn’t have a signature shoe as a sophomore in high school.

Because of Lonzo and because of his precious talent, Lamelo was the protected one, projecting an air of almost impossible innocence. He is the fulfillment of their prophecy, the youngest brother sliding through life like he’s running on ice.