Merlina is Missing


Annika Damon, Writer

Legend has it that at least six ravens must be kept at the Tower of London or the kingdom will fall. On Wednesday, January 13th one raven went missing. 

2021 got worse when Merlina, a raven at the Tower of London, went missing and could be dead. Chris Skaife, the ravenmaster told the BBC “Should the ravens leave the tower, a great harm will befall the kingdom, it will crumble into dust,” before saying “Of course that’s all myth and legend.”

The myth started in the 1600’s when King Charles II insisted that birds should be kept in the tower after he was told the kingdom would fall if they left. 

Skaife noticed the raven was missing when he was putting Jubilee, Harris, Gripp, Rocky, Erin and Poppy to bed. Merlina has been missing for about two weeks and they hope one of their new chicks will replace her.

Will the United Kingdom crumble? Or will they find Merlina the raven and save the day.