Olivia Rodrigo’s new song Drivers License hit´s number one on Spotify


Avery Rosenbaum, Writer

Olivia Rodrigo’s new song, Drivers License, has already hit number one on the Spotify Hot 100 chart with over 17M streams, gaining more listeners than all songs had over the past weekend. Driver’s license has experienced a massive outpour of interest since it dropped on Friday, January 8th. It’s earned nearly two million page views on Genius in less than one week, a remarkable point for any artist’s debut song, especially just days after its release. The song has even replaced Taylor Swift’s new album, Evermore.  She is only 17 and has already overcome an ¨Incredible dream that every 17-year-old dreams of.¨ 


The song was produced by Dan Nigro, who co-wrote the song with Rodrigo. In a press statement, she explained that the song was inspired by a “heartbreak that was so confusing to me, so multifaceted.” Although she hasn’t spoken about who the song is about, many fans have taken it as a reference to her High School Musical, The Musical, The Series co-star Joshua Bassett. He is now rumored to be dating Sabrina Carpenter, the song not only refers to her but has a whole verse about her. Also, apparently Taylor Swift is a fan, which is a big deal to Rodrigo herself, as a self-described Swiftie, she was surprised to see herself. “next to Taylor on our iTunes chart. I’m really in a puddle of tears,” to which Taylor responded with, ¨I say that’s my baby and I am really proud.¨


Rodrigo’s career started on just a small show, Bizardvark, she played the character ¨Paige.¨ In this show, she would sing creative songs, she claimed this sparked her love and interest in singing. ¨I think that it not only showed me that you know singing is cool, but it showed me that you sing from your heart, you can really sing about anything. That’s why I sang about getting my license. Who would have known that someone singing about driving would get 17M streams on Spotify, not me.¨ This isn’t Rodrigo’s first rodeo though, not only had this song gone viral but in March, just before the Covid-19 outbreak, she had released a song called, ¨All I Want¨ this song got about 14.5M streams, a few streams less than her new song currently. 


Most fans though aren’t there for her singing, they are here once again, for her acting career. Her new song not only reveals her emotions towards her Ex Joshua Bassett, but it screams them. In the now-infamous series, ¨High School Musical, The Musical, The series¨ she plays lead roles with her ex. Fans are not only wondering if this will impact the show, but they are wondering how the relationship between Joshua and her will be after this. Not only do they both play lead characters in this series too, but they are lovers. Rodrigo though is not quitting her singing/acting career any time soon, she stated,  “Putting all those feelings into a song made everything seem so much simpler and clearer—and at the end of the day, I think that’s really the whole purpose of songwriting. There’s nothing like sitting at the piano in my bedroom and writing a really sad song. It’s truly my favorite thing in the world, besides acting of course.”  Hopefully, in the future, this song opens so many doors for Olivia, and maybe just maybe, more streams as well.