Ski Trails


Sarah Runge, Writer

Depending on the resort you’re at and what country you’re in there will be runs ranging from the difficulty of a Green to a Double Black EX (Extreme Terrain). 

There are greens that are the easiest runs on a resort which range from a steepness of 6% to 25%. These runs tend to be flat and at bigger and more extreme resorts they tend to connect you from runs to run. 

The second easiest runs are blue these runs are really fun because they can have bumps and rollers and some small jumps on the side the general steepness of these runs are 25% to 35%. 

The next run is a double blue also known as a blue-black these runs are usually bumps that are steep around a 40% grade but aren’t steep enough or hard enough to be a black.

After this is a black these runs are the most demanding runs they require you to have lots of awareness and skill they tend to be around a 40% these tend to have some more obstacles that make them more difficult.

Finally is a double black these runs are for the best skiers out there they consist of steep terrain with moguls or big bowls in the tree and sometimes you can’t even take a lift these are the hardest out there they require lots of strength and skill, they also tend to be skinny and lots of trees are drops are in these runs.

What runs do you do most often?