The DownFall Part 3

The DownFall Part 3

Genesis Key, Writer

‘’Ow’’, Ally said and ‘’wowww, I just hit the jackpot’’, Ally said while she was walking in a whole new world. She saw Lego people everywhere from movie stars that were made out of Legos to babies that made out of Legos it was called Legoland and immediately she tried the cotton candy Lego but there was one thing she noticed that she was mad out of Legos too. 

Then she immediately knew that had gotten out of there even though the world was that fun than Disney Land. So she went to the Lego Muffin man and asked him if anybody that could help her. 

‘’Hey do you know anybody that help humans back to earth because I’m not from here and just here.’’ said Ally asking the muffin man

‘’Not that I know of but there is a wizard named GridthDoor and I heard that he can make anything and any person wishes come true.’’

‘’Well thank you for telling me and have a nice day.’’ Ally said

‘’You too’’ said The muffin man 

After Ally talk will the muffin man she went go find her way to find Grithdoor after she saw a sign that said wizard and she knew that Gridthdoor is a wizard so she went straight that way and walked along her way. 

As she got to Magic city she wondered if anybody knew where Gridthdoor lived so she asked the wizard that was near her and asked her where the Grithdoor lived.

‘’ Do you know where Grithdoor lived’’ asked Ally.

The wizard said,’’ Yeah I do he is right by the species stand on the left.’’

‘’Thanks for telling me’’ Ally said.

Ally started to walk in a dark and brown tent as she walked in there a man appeared and said ‘’ Hello this will be the next place you will go’’, the man said. 

‘’The next place what do mean I just …. Her ally said as she fell to the ground of the tent.