High School Pt. 6 (Finally)


Syd Turner, Writer

There were footsteps down the hall. It sounded like someone was running. My dad looked out the door. His eyes grew wide.  He ran over to the closest person to the door. 

“Don’t come in!” He screams. The rest of the fake FBI agents go to every person in the room but me and covers their mouth and eyes. He walks over to me. I shiver. He stands behind me and I hear something click. He won’t do it. He won’t do it. I’m his daughter. I chant in my head. I turn around. It wasn’t pointed at me. It was pointed at Mia, my best friend. I reach over and squeeze her hand under the table. I open my eyes to see the real FBI agents pushing something under the door. My father tells one of his goons to go and check it. When he bends over to get the note they blast the door down and say “run!” I stand up and start heading to the back of the room. Attacking all of the people who work for my father on the way. About half of the classroom is free and huddling in the corner where Mr. Cunnings is. I look my dad dead in the eye and say, “Let. Her. Go.” He pulls Mia up and holds her by the neck.

“No.” He answers. I look back the FBI agents are slowly walking over to the kids and getting them out. The rest are huddling around my father.

“Dad. Please. Mia is my best friend.” I stutter. He looks down at mia who has burst into tears and trying to get out of his grasp. I look at the door and see the rest of my friends there watching me. Jordan mouths “keep going” after an FBI agent whispers in her ear, I am guessing he told her to do that, or something like that. I turn back to look at my dad. He is starting to cry. I see Mia ball her fists. “NO” I mouth to her. My dad looks down and Mia gives him a hard right upper hook. My dad stumbles back into a mob of FBI agents. Mia runs to me. Jordan, Simone, and Jonathan are also there. She hugs me. 

“Thank you” she whispers in my ear. We had just survived that worst thing that could have possibly happened to us. And we did it together. I realized that they were my best friends, nothing or no one could change that. When we are together we can do anything.


Authors Note: HI everyone. I know a lot of you loved this series. Personally, I am sad to see it go. I am having some problems looking for new ideas so I thought I should start something that I call readers choice. You can comment a plan or idea for a new series in the comments or email me at [email protected]. I will write some of your ideas, I will also give credits at the beginning of each chapter so everyone knows who had the idea. If you don’t want that you can tell me. I look forward to seeing your ideas!